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May 15, 2007


Glacier Eskimo Icebreaker

I think that socialism might be a good enough idea because of the benefits and i think that getting your head chewed off by a wild creature wouidn't be so bad in the end because of peep health service. Socialism has good things but Their are bad things about it to. I'm still not quite sure if trust and believe in it. I mean, every one has time to think about their decisions, am i right?


i am Rebi, the rebel leader. I shall not fall to this disgrace of a govorment. I shall fight for my freedom, and fight for fellow rebels. For i am Rebi.

QB huddle

Hi i'm QB Huddle and I need to sell a boat. it will start the bidding at 200 dollers [peep money]if you want to see the boat,see me QB Huddle[isaac]

Penelope (sarah)

personally i don't understand why some people don't want a socialist goverment. I can understand why they don't want 10 people to have power but hey, it's life. Other than that, i don't see any problems. But i don't quite get the 10% income tax. Do we just give the gov. 10% of what we make? then why is it called tax?


i think that the government should not be like this, because it exslods people from the fun in making dishisins.

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