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May 11, 2007


frank lloyd left

I think it would help village if we brought our houses home,because then we would have more time at school to
1. think of ideas for transportation
2. help others
3. make goods for our business
but only if we used matierials from school at our homes(of course)

Pam Lauer

"Does it help or hurt Village when the work continues outside of school time?"

I think that it may give unfair advantage to peeps whose makers' parents/guardians have more time and talent than others, although I don't know for sure if this is the case.

Chip Chocolate Bagel (Madeline)

I think that people should be able to work on village stuff outside of PCCS because some other people might be farther behind in the process of building your house.
But like Frank Lloyd Left said you should only be able to use materials from school that were purchased with account money.

frank lloyd left

It may be true that some parents have more time and skill but I dont think its fair to have your parents help at home, except for operating power tools.

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