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The story about being a loud class resonated with me. In my family, I was "the competitive one." In my husband's family, he was "the responsible one." Those narratives have remained long after I learned to temper my competitiveness and my husband's sibling became a responsible adult. What stories do we tell about our kids that become part of how they define themselves?

Thank you for your comment, Michelle. This is exactly the effect that that sign-in had: in what ways have I encouraged the Robins to confine themselves to this box called "loud class"? I also have memories of the ways I was defined in my family. It takes a lot of time and effort and self-reflection to move past those definitions. I want to be more careful in my parenting and teaching.

On the other hand, how can we use narrative to re-shape students' perceptions of themselves? I've used the Habits of Mind to try to re-frame a child's self concept, "Wow...you are the persister! You just never stop. I'm always impressed by that." I think this is part of the growth mindset as well...

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