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May 26, 2009



I was delighted to read those answers and questions! I never am able to put my finger on how Prairie Creek shaped my childhood, and although I fit in perfectly at a conventional high school *now,* I feel as if I wouldn't be half the student I am now if not for the peculiar teaching methods that I experienced as a student at Prairie Creek years ago.

My opinion on the questions will be brief, but I hope that they are lovable, nevertheless! Although I have not attended college, I feel it may be difficult to prepare for it in an environment that lacks grades or homework. From my sheltered world-view though, the opposite goes for the earlier grades. I'm sure that I lack the aspirations and goals I have now if I had gone to a normal elementary school for fourth and fifth grade. In the public school district 196, I doubt that average grades and test scores would change significantly if the elementary and early middle school years were eliminated completely from the overall curriculum. A different, more enjoyable environment like Prairie Creek is the best thing I can imagine for learning as a child.

On career paths, I cannot give a verdict. I know that my goals have changed drastically since I was a student at PCCS. I'm sure that the same indecision is experienced by all elementary schoolers. I can say, however, that there definitely was an excellent aura of quirkiness around my friends and classmates. The idea that strange was cool and weirdness or abnormality was the norm makes me happy even now.

The question on artificial learning is perhaps the most interesting in my eyes. I haven't formulated an opinion and lack much schooling, but somehow I dislike the idea that all schools are artificial learning environments. Some aspects of them certainly are, but I can't help but think about "The Woods" and how important and real that part of PCCS was to me. The interpersonal communication that faces an elementary schooler every day is as real as it gets. In some instances though, perhaps the best way to learn is through simulation. Once again, I'm unable to give a truly informed opinion, I'm just speaking through experience.

As for the last question, although I don't have my own answer,I can say that Math is by far my least favorite class (and has been ever since PCCS) because of the way it is taught. Sometimes, my favorite teachers are the younger ones because of their flexibility. Last year, math was much more bearable because my teacher (who was barely older than we were) would present student-made formulas to the class.

Looking back at that last paragraph again, I see that my points has very little to do with the question or even your answer but nevertheless it is an interesting point and a true advantage to progressive education.

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