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December 25, 2007


Jan Rohwer

Here, Here on the "good job" mentality that pervades this culture. I too find myself saying this mindless phrase usually because I am too lazy to think of something else. I know this because of the blank look I receive from the child lamely praised. This has been a huge issue for me coming from a culture that traditionally cuts down high achievement-"tall poppy syndrome" as it is called in Australia. My youth was full of understatement and people bending over backwards to not give positive affirmations. For me, constant praise is very uncomfortable. When I moved to this country, I had a hard time summoning up enough positive responses. It seems I have now trained myself to do so, having survived years of child rearing during the Barney Era, but alas it still seems empty. Genuine responses are always best and encouragement can come just as much from a look or actions rather than automatic words we think are the right thing to say.
Society doesn't always dictate the best rules to live by.

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