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Hmm, I thought you had doing something like the This We Believe discussion for years, though?

Yes, but this year, the conversation took an interesting turn and was much more about developing others and supporting the group. It reminds me that I wanted to write about that work too...so much to do. Here are the statements the kids created this year:

We Believe…Everyone should contribute to our work.
There’s a time and a place for everything.
In working together and including everyone.
In saying “Yes”.
In listening to each other.
In being a role model to younger kids.
In encouraging each other.
In respecting everyone’s needs and ideas, even when they’re different from our own (unless it’s dangerous)
In doing our best work even when it’s hard.
In striving for the habits of mind.
In looking for ways to bring people up.
In thinking first.
In having fun.

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