Computer Science and Coding

  • Makey Makey Games
    A list of links to good Makey Makey games
  • AppInventor
    We have not used this in class but it is similar to Scratch in how it works. The tutorials are great and can take you through the basics.
  • Scratch
    Scratch is a "tile" based language in which you connect tiles to create programs. It's a lot of fun and can do very complex things - as long as you don't get caught up making the cat meow over and over and over and over.
  • Squeek
    This is a fun language and makes good games. You need to download it to your computer so you need to check with your parents.
  • Python Tutorial
    You need to read this tutorial -- but you'll create a program that can talk to you (or at least seem to.)
  • Logo Simulator
    This is the Logo we use in math.
  • Kahn Academy Java Script Tutorial
    This is a syntax based language so it's more a little trickier that Scratch. But this is a great way to learn it with a video that you can pause and fiddle with.
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